“To prepare, equip, and sustain leaders”

A new set of practices and skills will be needed by the leaders of new worshiping communities. Alan Roxburgh, in his book The Missional Leader, says, “The challenge for so many church leaders, whether or not they have received formal training, is that they are not equipped to lead such a church. They were trained to pastor and teach in an existing church context to the satisfaction of its members…. We need the entrepreneurial leader who can birth new faith communities. We need the prophet who has learned the discipline of listening to God and is able to impart a clear vision and discerning counsel. We need the evangelist who can commend Christ with grace and authority and equip local church to communicate the good news…”


Part of the job of the 1001 team is to design and lead a variety of training opportunities to prepare, equip, and sustain the kind of prophetic leadership needed during a time of unprecedented change in the church.


As you work through this online guide each stage is defined by discerning, starting, growing, and multiplying. Within each stage we offer resources to help you. Each resource use the icons on the legend below. Please note, that while being led by God to be involved in new worshiping communities is not often linear but guided by the Spirit.

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Discerning | Training Resources

In this section, you will find all of the supplemental material you will need during the Discerning phase of your ministries development.

Starting | Training Resources

In this section, you will find all of the supplemental material you will need during the Starting phase of your ministries development.

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Growing | Training Resources

Maturing as a worshiping community

Multiplying | Training Resources

Reproducing new worshiping communities

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The ACADEMY: Starting Track and Sustaining track

Our leadership development weeks are designed to walk alongside both developing and maturing New Worshiping Communities. Each individual week will build upon itself in areas of evangelism, discipleship, funds development, and aim to help leaders connect with the resources of PCUSA.

team summit

Team dynamics, communication, and vision are critical in developing of a New Worshiping Community. This one or two day event will help teams better work together, articulate a common vision, and implement the plan.

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Regional Gatherings

Regional Gatherings are designed to foster growth and motivate those exploring innovative ministries. This one day event across the country brings together those that are already involved in developing communities with those that have a theological framework to continue to prepare, equip, and sustain leaders.

national gathering

Each year leaders from across the county come together to get training and connect with each other.

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We are have multiple cohorts of New Worshiping Community leaders. We have geographically-based and topical cohorts forming. Most will meet online once/month, but the groups can determine what is best for them. Cohorts start throughout the year.


Our team has developed a series of videos that highlight New Worshiping Communities in a variety of stages of development. The videos also include conversations with leaders about areas of interest.

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Leadership training videos

Coming soon.


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Are you interested in starting a New Worshiping Community? See all the resources we have to get you started.

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