Jeff Eddings

Coaching Associate | (502) 200-4461

Jeff Eddings is the Coaching Associate for the 1001 New Worshiping Communities movement where he connects a diverse network of coaches to our leaders to help give them the guidance, support, and encouragement they need in their work. 

Jeff was co-founder of Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community where he was pastor for 15 years and he has over 25 years of church leadership experience. He recently completed the Shalem Institutes ‘Transforming Communities’ certificate program where he learned techniques for leading groups and retreats using forms of contemplative prayer.

Jeff is drawn to contemplative spirituality and has been guided through the Ignatian Spiritual Exercise by a spiritual director. The Ignatian moto of ‘finding God in all things’ is one he seeks to live by. Jeff most readily finds God in spending time with his family, camping, good coffee, and sitting under a star filled night.

Jeff lives in the South Side of Pittsburgh with his wife Carolyn and their 2 dogs. Their two sons, Ben and Sam, are both in undergraduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh.  You can learn more about Jeff and his work at