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Pathways to Flourishing

For over a decade now, the 1001 New Worshiping Communities movement has been focused on igniting and supporting

flourishing new faith communities in every context.

One of the most exciting aspects of the 1001 movement is the life-giving support that partners have offered to new worshiping communities as they begin and continue their life-changing ministries.

Presbyteries, mid-councils and supporters can create ecosystems of innovation that allow new ministries to find their footing and thrive.

Become a Pathways Presbytery

A 1001 Pathways Presbytery receives:

National recognition for being on a path to starting and sustaining NWCs

Regular support and training through a cohort of leaders led by 1001 coaches


A signature event planned and supported by 1001 tailored to your needs

Ongoing focused support of a 1001 regional associate

Targeted 1001 resources pushed at timely intervals

Ready to Get Started? 

Gad Mpoyo

Gad Mpoyo

SE/NE Regional

Shawn Kang

Shawn Kang

Central/Western Regional

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