A Missional Vision that Transforms the Church


neighborhoods and communities benefit as new gatherings of disciples bear witness to the love and grace of god.

We gather for the good of others.

the church Becomes more responsive to Christ’s call to make disciples.

Rather than asking, “How can we make church better?” we ask, “How can we be church in a new way?”

The Witness of New Worshiping Communities helps the inherited Church recover her missional DNA.

New worshiping communities are carrying the mission of the church into places and among people often excluded from the traditional church. And these missionary leaders are return to the larger church with the good news that God is at work in places we didn’t expect or weren’t paying attention to. These stories of hope and healing beckon even the most tired of the faithful to put on their shoes and discover what the Spirit is doing.

The reforming transforming work of god bears fruit in a vibrant Presbyterian Church(USA) and beyond.

Starting new worshiping communities isn’t a project for institutional survival. It is a surrender to the work of the Spirit who makes all things new - beginning in our individual lives and extending to our congregational and communal live and finally bearing fruit and blessing for the world.